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NATE Advantage September 2013

24 Sep 2013



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September 2013: Back to School with NATE

It’s September and time for the nation to head back to school. Kids and college students aren’t the only ones packing book bags. Adults across the nation are headed to training programs, seminars, night schools, and other educational opportunities. They are looking to advance their positions, change careers, or like many NATE technicians, keep their certifications current.

Back To SchoolIn This Issue…

  • Meet John Lanier
  • Submitting and Tracking Courses
  • NATE Road Trip
  • The NATE Edge eBook
  • Entrance Exams Need Proctors

Training at Its Best With Emerson

NATE recertification is easier than ever through Emerson Educational Services, one of the industry’s most respected leaders in online and instructor-led training courses. Emerson courses help you stay abreast of the latest HVAC/R technologies and regulations while also giving you knowledge and hands-on experience so you can work faster and smarter with fewer callbacks. Visit http://education.emersonclimate.com.

Meet John Lanier

John LanierJohn Lanier is the new guy on the NATE campus and as COO he is ready to plan, direct, and coordinate the operations of NATE. He is already well aware of the issues facing NATE and the industry in general, including the looming shortage of qualified HVAC technicians. Lanier said he is ready to hit the ground running as he manages daily operations and executes full responsibility for, and oversight of, all of NATE’s programs.

“We plan to increase our outreach to training organizations and employers to help more technicians find the training they need to enter the industry, seek and maintain certification, and become more marketable to employers,” said Lanier. “NATE has begun to administer the Industry Competency Exams, or ICE exams, to measure basic competency and certification for entry-level technicians with one year or less of experience. We see a great opportunity here to help define a career path for technicians from ICE certification to NATE certification and beyond for those interested in HVACR.”

Lanier will report to Stephen Yurek, Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), president.

“We are very pleased to have someone with John’s experience and drive taking the reins at NATE,” said Yurek. “I know that our member companies and others in our industry are eager to work with John to ensure growth and progress at NATE at a critical juncture in its history.”

Prior to joining the NATE team, Lanier has gained valuable experience in operations, sales, member benefits, human resources, and information technology throughout his career.

“I am excited to have John on board and am looking forward to working with him,” said Don Frendberg, NATE chairman.
Other goals, Lanier said, include making NATE testing and certification more accessible as well as increasing consumer awareness.

“We must continue to work to advance NATE’s position to the HVACR industry and consumers by ensuring the certification program is relevant and accessible, increasing industry and consumer awareness of the benefits of NATE-certified technicians, and advocating for NATE with relevant government agencies,” he explained. “I look forward to working with our team here at NATE as we execute an effective plan to serve the HVACR industry and homeowners.”

Listen here to learn more from John Lanier in this exclusive podcast.

Submitting and Tracking Courses

Some of the hardest parts of college were picking the proper classes that fit your schedule and degree, as well as filling out the correct forms for registration and billing. NATE technicians sometimes struggle to find classes that both fit their schedule and apply towards their recertification. To help, NATE continues to partner with new facilities and organizations to offer NATE-recognized training. It also provides a form for those who attend non-NATE-recognized courses to stay current with industry trends.

According to NATE, “If these courses apply to your specialty, are technical in nature, and taken within time you were certified, you may submit these courses for consideration on your recertification application.

“To receive credit for these courses, NATE requires you to provide a Certificate of Attendance from the training provider, including your name, class hours, contact information and course description with your application,” said the organization. “If a standard Certificate of Attendance is not provided, NATE has created a NATE Continuing Education Hours Form for you to take with you for the training provider to complete and sign for you to submit for recertification.”

Once the forms are filled out and accepted, it is the responsibility of the technician to submit these hours to NATE.

To help you keep your NATE certification current:

  • Check the expiration date
  • Logon to MyNATE
  • Complete 60 continuing education hours
  • Check credit eligibility, and
  • Submit recertification application.

Earn 16 NATE CE Hours Online

At NORDYNE University, you can earn 8 hours of furnace and 8 hours of air conditioning recertification through our NATE-recognized courses. Best of all, the training videos are available when you are. Just look for the NATE logo on our paid training pages to identify our NATE classes. www.nordyneu.com/NATE

NATE Road Trip!

Members of the NATE staff are taking it on the road and would like to meet you. Stop by one of these locations to discuss NATE certification or just to say “hello.”

The NATE Edge eBook

The NATE Edge eBookA myriad of issues face NATE in its pursuit of certifying technicians — though more than 32,000 hold NATE certifications. NATE is more about helping the HVACR industry to develop competent technicians. There is a gap between the number of qualified techs and the number of jobs that will need to be filled. The efforts of technicians, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers to address this widening gap through their support of NATE, are evident in this eBook.

Select from three different formats:

Entrance Exams Need Proctors

ICE LogoNot just anyone can decide to be a doctor or a teacher. Colleges require entrance exams to gauge proficiency and aptitude for a specific line of work. Consider ICE the HVAC technician’s entrance exam. Formerly known as the ARI/GAMA Competency Exams, NATE now administers the Industry Competency Exams (ICE), which measures industry-agreed standards of basic competency for entry-level (one year or less) technicians. Increased participation at schools is trending as more than 300 schools nationwide require student participation in at least one of the ICE categories to graduate.
HVAC contractors and distributors can support the future of the HVACR industry and reach new students first by becoming an ICE Chief Examiner.

For more information and to apply, click here.

AHR Expo

NATE Supports the AHR EXPO

It is the largest event that brings together all facets

of HVACR industry under one roof for three exciting days.




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