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NATE Introduces First Digital Edition of NATE Magazine

18 Sep 2013

ARLINGTON, VA.–September 18, 2013 –This week, North American Technician Excellence (NATE), released its first digital edition of the NATE Magazine. The digital issue expands on the previously annual publication to bring awareness to contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, utilities, and others in the HVACR industry on why NATE-certified technicians are so important to their businesses. The free publication is available on the NATE website.

The theme of this issue highlights how NATE certification is a source of pride for many stakeholders in the HVACR industry. It opens with columns from NATE Board Chairman Donald Frendberg and new NATE Chief Operating Officer John Lanier. Lanier reviews the history of NATE in the industry and the organization’s plans to move forward with its new vision of “a NATE patch proudly worn on every technician’s shirt.” He also hints that there will be announcements made soon regarding updates to the NATE program that will better support technicians in maintaining their certifications.

A highlight of the publication is a review of the findings of a recent homeowner survey regarding NATE brand awareness, attitudes, and perceptions, along with suggestions to contractors on how to promote NATE to homeowners. In an Industry Insight from veteran contractor Mitchell Cropp, CEO of CroppMetcalfe in Fairfax, VA, he suggests that contractors would appreciate a marketing boost from equipment manufacturers as well. “If we’re going to make this thing go, the manufacturers need to step up and support the program and are going to have to promote NATE on all their marketing materials and advertising programs…And let’s face it, NATE certification helps the manufacturers too, because better installations mean better system operation and fewer warranty returns.”

Along with a listing of the top testing organizations to-date for 2013 is a profile of S.G. Torrice Co. of Wilmington, MA. The HVACR distributor, offering NATE testing since 1999, is a firm believer in NATE because it adds value to the entire channel, from the manufacturer through the consumer. Phil Valpey, senior technical representative at S.G. Torrice says, “The end user of the products that we sell deserves the best possible experience from the technicians that install and do the service for them. When a technician achieves certification, we feel that he has the ability to represent our products the way the manufacturer expects.” He adds, “Our literature and website prominently display the NATE logo, and we advise end users to use NATE-certified technicians. You can’t repeat that message too often.”

The issue concludes with a visit to contracting business Service Legends of Des Moines, IA, which holds the distinction of employing 10 percent of the nation’s HVACR technicians with the NATE senior-level HVAC Efficiency Analyst certification.  This HVAC Efficiency Analyst certification is designed for the highest level senior technician and the qualifying exam measures what 80 percent of candidates have an 80 percent likelihood of encountering at least once during the year on a national basis.  Fewer than 100 technicians nationwide have earned the certification.

Brian Leech, president of Service Legends, credits its technician certification program though NATE as one of the reasons his business is booming. Leech describes NATE certification as a “badge of honor” that helps to build pride in his team.

For more information about NATE, visit www.natex.org.

About North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Headquartered in Arlington, Va., NATE was founded in 1997 as the nation’s largest industry-endorsed, non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. NATE tests technicians while others train. Testing validates the technician’s knowledge and a training program’s instruction. NATE-approved testing organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada offer NATE tests. Candidates can earn installation and/or service certification in nine specialty areas: air-conditioning, air distribution, heat pumps, gas heating, oil heating, hydronics gas, hydronics oil, and commercial, light commercial, refrigeration and senior efficiency analyst. NATE also offers the International Ground Source Heat Pump test. For more information about NATE, visit www.natex.org.

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