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NATE Partners

NATE credibility is due to the support of the entire HVACR industry, not just one segment. And everyone in the industry, including consumers, benefit from NATE’s program of HVACR technician certification.

Since 2006, NATE has recognized extraordinary partners with the Golden Toolbox Award, created to honor those who support NATE HVACR technician certification; advocate for advancing industry professionalism via certification,; and influence the industry via a public presence.

Read about the history of the Golden Toolbox and past recipients below:

Golden Toolbox NATE Magazine February 2013


NATE certification provides assurance to manufacturers that their technically advanced, cost-efficient products will operate at optimum level by working with technicians who have the knowledge and skills to do the job right the first time. Unnecessary warranty returns of fully functional parts decrease by nearly 30 percent when installed by NATE-certified technicians, saving you time and operational costs and building confidence in your brand.


NATE certification proves to customers that you are committed to delivering them a quality experience, not just a quality brand. It may help increase your profitability: According to a survey by Service Roundtable some contractors report a 13 percent reduction in callbacks

Wholesalers and Distributors

Providing education and testing strengthens ties to your current customers and helps attract new ones.  Wholesalers and distributors provide the most NATE testing of any industry segment. It is a proven value added to your customers.


As a highly visible segment of the HVACR industry, utilities are a natural consumer resource for energy saving ideas, which makes them an ideal place for contractors to receive training and continuing education.


One of the most valuable services you can offer your members is continuing education and training. NATE tests validate training by providing independent third-party results, validating the training was worthwhile and well-targeted to the job.

Use NATE to Your Advantage

No matter your role in the HVACR industry, partnering with NATE makes you a magnet for education and resources, which, in turns, helps everyone do their jobs better and provide superior customer service. See how partnering with NATE can help you grow your business.

  • Offer incentives to contractors who employ NATE-certified technicians. This could include underwriting the cost of tests, buyers’ discounts, warranty rebates, special incentives for co-op programs in advertising, higher labor allowances during warranty periods and installation rebates.
  • Offer incentives to consumers who use contractors with NATE-certified technicians.
  • Incorporate NATE into your technician education programs. This could include having your field service personnel NATE-certified, incorporating NATE information in your training programs, offering reduced training costs for those who become NATE-certified and becoming a NATE Testing Organization.
  • Advertising NATE in your corporate materials. This could include placing NATE information in your co-op advertising, putting the NATE logo on equipment and systems, using the NATE name and logo in consumer literature and recommending using NATE-certified technicians in your corporate marketing.

“With a renewed focus on Energy Efficiency,  having NATE-certified technicians is imperative. NATE examines  the technician’s knowledge, to verify if his knowledge level meets the HVACR Industry expectations. NATE technicians have shorter repair times with fewer call backs and more satisfied customers. So as a result, we promote NATE certification and provide training to those technicians who desire to improve their knowledge and abilities.”

– Joel Owen
Manager, HVAC Training Center, Alabama Power