Welcome to North American Technician Excellence, Inc. The leading non-profit certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry and the only test supported by the entire industry.


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The NATE family includes HVACR manufacturers that have made a commitment to quality, consumers and the bottom line. Manufacturers are represented on NATE’s Board of Trustees as well as on many of it’s technical review committees.

Why should you the manufacturer support NATE Certification?

Because it shows your commitment to quality.

Everyone in the industry (including the consumer) benefits from NATE’s program of HVACR technician certification. NATE testing and certification encourages the proper installation and service of HVAC equipment by highly skilled and trained technicians who have verified their skills through independent third-party testing. Currently NATE tests cover residential/light commercial heating and cooling (HVAC) and light commercial/commercial refrigeration equipment.

NATE HVACR certification is nationally recognized for its stringent standards a Certified technicians installing your equipment means fewer warranty returns of components that are perfectly good and operational yet tagged as a defective OEM part. Fewer returns, and a NATE Technician has 28 percent fewer warranty returns, means a better bottom line for you. That’s the primary reason members of AHRI and the manufacturing community support NATE technician certification. In fact, most HVACR manufacturers include NATE as a cornerstone of one of more of their “preferred provider” programs for contractors.

Why Choose NATE as a Partner?

NATE’s credibility is supported by the entire HVACR industry, not just one segment. There is a seat for everyone around NATE’s table. Its Board of Trustees has representatives from all segments of the industry- manufacturers, contractors, distributors, educators, technicians, utilities, associations, unions, and governmental agencies.

How can I become involved in supporting NATE?

Manufacturers’ support is crucial to the success of a voluntary, industry-wide program like NATE. Here are three key ways NATE fosters technician excellence:

  1. Offer incentives to contractors who employ NATE-certified technicians. This could include underwriting the cost of tests, buyers’ discounts, warranty rebates, special incentives for co-op programs in advertising, higher labor allowances during warranty periods, and installation rebates.
  2. Incorporate NATE into your technician education programs. This could include having your field service personnel NATE-certified, incorporating NATE information in your training programs, offering reduced training costs for those who become NATE-certified, and becoming a NATE Testing Organization.
  3. Advertising NATE in your corporate materials. This could include placing NATE information in your co-op advertising, putting the NATE logo on equipment and systems, using the NATE name and logo in consumer literature, and recommending using NATE-certified technicians in your corporate marketing.

NATE Certification creates a win-win situation. The key is that certified technicians equal more qualified technicians, and that equals fewer warranty returns.