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Recertification Fees


Recertification Fees

These recertification fees only apply to recertification using Continuing Education Hours. If recertifying by testing, the fee is determined by the Testing Organization.

Individual Recertification
Air Conditioning   $95.00
Air Distribution   $95.00
Gas Heating   $95.00
Heat Pump/Air Conditioning   $95.00
Oil Heating   $95.00
Hydronics Gas   $95.00
Hydronics Oil   $95.00
Light Commercial Refrigeration   $95.00
Commercial Refrigeration   $95.00
Efficiency Analysts   $95.00
Multiple Recertifications done at the same time for an individual technician
Two Recertifications   $125.00
Three Recertifications   $150.00
Four Recertifications   $175.00
Five or More Recertifications   $200.00
Please note: Heat Pump recertification includes Air Conditioning recertification at no cost.
Service recertification includes Installation recertification at no cost.

Note: When renewing multiple certifications, all the certification dates will be changed to match the date of the most immediate expiring certification. For example, if you renewed an AC Service certification expiring September 2012 and a Gas Heating Certification expiring December 2012 together, both would have their new certification dates changed to September 2012 with both having an expiration date of September 2017.

Lapsed or Expired Certifications

If you have not recertified your NATE SPECIALTY before its expiration date– at the end of the month printed on your NATE wallet card– your certification is expired. Technicians whose certifications have lapsed or expired are no longer NATE-certified and cannot represent themselves as such. Any technician with an expired certification who represents himself as NATE-certified is behaving in a fraudulent and unethical fashion. These technicians may be denied future NATE certification and be subject to legal action.

To become NATE-certified again, you must retake both the CORE (if required) and SPECIALTY tests. Once you successfully complete the testing process, your new NATE certification will date from the time you pass the new tests.