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Recertification Basics

When to Recertify

NATE requires recertification every time your certification is due to expire, and recertification before the expiration date is critical. If all your certifications lapse, you will have to retake both CORE (if required) and SPECIALTY exams as part of a new certification process.

YOU, the technician, are responsible for maintaining your certification. Your NATE wallet card shows all your specialties and their expiration dates. NATE also mails notices to the addresses in the NATE data base. If you have not updated your contact information through www.myNATE.org or contacted the NATE office with changes, your recertification notices may not be received. You can also use www.mynate.org to view your tracked hours from NATE recognized courses. You can do this by logging in with your myNATE username and password, or creating that log-in as a candidate using your NATE ID and PIN.

How to Recertify

There are two ways to recertify:

1. Retake your specialty exam before your certification lapses.

As you did before, contact a testing organization to schedule your testing. By taking your NATE Certification Specialty Test you will be recertified for another full certification period. As long as your certification has not expired you do not have to retake the core exam.

Be sure to have your NATE ID number or your MyNATE username and password with you on test day. If you don’t have that information, contact us at 877-420-NATE at least 48 hours prior to the test date.


2. Complete 60 continuing education hours (CEH) in your specialty and apply for recertification before your certification lapses.

Submit an application for recertification and any copies of certificates from courses that are not on your record, this includes non-recognized courses. You can check your record via your login at www.mynate.org.

To receive credit for non-recognized courses, NATE requires you to provide a Certificate of Attendance from the training provider, including your name, class hours, contact information and course description with your application. NATE has created a NATE Continuing Education Hours Attendance Form for the training provider to complete and sign for you if a standard Certificate of Attendance is not provided.

Acceptable courses are technical and relevant to your specialties. Courses must be taken within the time you were certified. 

NOTE: Instructors may earn up to 60 hours by submitting proof of instruction on letterhead from their employer with supervisor’s signature, along with the recertification form and payment.