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Specialty Tests

KATEs Specialty Exams

To complete your NATE certification, you must choose a specialty exam. NATE offers three tracks:  Installation, Service and Senior.

Installation technicians prepare installation sites (including removal of existing HVACR equipment), fabricate and assemble systems. These technicians should be able to properly power up and set control positions to cycle equipment through primary heating, cooling and blower operations under on-site or off-site supervision. The installation technician may take specialized readings, such as temperatures, refrigerant circuit pressure and basic VOM electrical readings, of both operating and non-operating equipment.

Service technicians must be able to complete the same tasks as installation technicians as well as independently power up and adjust control settings to cycle equipment through all designed-for sequences. Service technicians must be able to acquire, evaluate and interpret necessary readings to determine the adequacy and acceptability of meeting system operation specifications. These technicians must also be able to perform sufficient field diagnostic procedures to determine causes of inadequate performance and identify corrective actions as necessary.

The following specialties award a 5 year certification.

Please note: Technicians that become Heat Pump certified are also awarded Air Conditioning certification. Technicians that earn a Service specialty certification are also awarded Installation certification for that specialty.

Chose one of the following SPECIALTY exams in addition to your CORE exam:

Installation Specialty:

Service Specialty: