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NATE Advantage August 2014

21 Aug 2014

The NATE Advantage

The NATE Advantage

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August 2014: Using NATE to Your Advantage
As you fight through the dog days of summer, take some time to learn about the advantages of NATE. Below is information on how having NATE-certified technicians can improve a business. Beat the heat and the recertification rush with timely information in this issue of "The NATE Advantage."

In This Issue…

  • NATE Marketing Materials
  • Consumer Contractor Connection
  • NATE Testing Providers
  • Spanish Exams


NATE Marketing Materials for Contractors, Training, and Testing Partners
NATE LogoNATE provides NATE logos, flyers, buckslips, and website banners for contractors who employ NATE-certified technicians, and for Recognized Training Providers and Testing Organizations for promotion to customers.

Connect with Your Customers with the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection (C3) Program
C3 ProgramNATE's Consumer Contractor Connection (C3) program is the best way to let customers know you employ NATE-certified technicians. As a NATE C3 Contractor, you can list and advertise your business for free on the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection website.

To qualify, a contractor must have at least 50 percent of its eligible service and installation technicians NATE-certified. Contractors with 80 percent or more of employed technicians NATE-certified are listed as Quality Circle Contractors. If you're eligible, simply register your company information and the technicians' NATE ID numbers in order to be listed on the HVACRAdvice.com website.

For more information and to register, visit http://www.natex.org/C3

Reminder: HVACR Contractors May Be Eligible to Serve as NATE Testing Providers
A contractor may apply to become a NATE Testing Organization if it meets the criteria as described in the in the NATE Testing Organization and Proctor Guidelines and

  1. NATE Testing ProvidersHave at least 25 technicians;
  2. Have an individual outside of the service department and who does not have hiring, firing or supervisor responsibilities over the technicians who will act as the proctor for exams (i.e. an individual from the finance department);
  3. Agree to conduct at least one (1) test session per calendar year to remain an active testing organization.

Serving as a NATE testing provider can save you time and money. That is because proctoring NATE exams for your technicians means you can order the tests directly from NATE. It also means that as the weather or your business needs change, you can host testing at a time that works best for you and your staff.

For more information, visit www.natex.org/tester.

NATE Paper Spanish Exams Now Available for Pre-Order
Paper exams for the Spanish versions of the NATE Core exam and Service exams for the Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, and Gas Heating specialties will be available in early September and NATE is accepting a limited number of preorders for test sessions on September 13. If you’d like to host a paper exam session with Spanish language exams on September 13, click here to download a reservation form. After September 5, proctors can order paper and online exams in Spanish via www.mynate.org.

AHR Expo

NATE Supports the AHR EXPO
It is the largest event that brings together all facets
of HVACR industry under one roof for three exciting days.



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