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NATE Advantage January 2014

21 May 2014

The NATE Advantage



The NATE Advantage
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January 2014: New Year, New NATEIt’s a new year and a new NATE. Changes in the association’s certification and continuing education requirements are showing a different side of HVACR technician certification. Coupled with a new job board and John Lanier being appointed as a NEWSmaker, January has a lot in store for NATE and its members.

FireworksIn This Issue…

  • Certification Simplification
  • Career Center Launched
  • The New N-A-T-E
  • NEWSmaker Honors for John Lanier
  • Don’t Miss Out
Certification SimplificationThe changes NATE is making to its certification requirements are based on industry feedback. The goal is to make it simpler to maintain NATE certification by better recognizing the HVACR industry that technicians already attend while lowering maintenance costs where possible. Here are the top three changes made to the program that are effective as of Jan. 1, 2014.

  1. NATE certification period is valid for two years.
  2. Continuing education requirements have been lowered to 16 hours per two years. This averages out to 8 hours of training a year.
  3. The cost to maintain certification with continuing education hours (CEH) is $25 for two years and $5 for each additional certification.

Certification Simplification

If your certification(s) expire in 2014 and you plan to earn 60 CEH prior to the end of your certification, you have the one-time option to renew the certification for a five-year period for $95 (plus varying fees for additional certifications) or to transition to the new two-year certification period for $25 (plus $5 per any additional certification). As before, you must submit the certification application before your certification expires.

You worked hard to earn your NATE certification. Don’t let it lapse. Start your New Year right with plans to maintain your NATE certification.

Visit www.mynate.org to view what education hours we have on record for you.

Career Center LaunchedNATE Career CenterThe NATE Career Center was launched for the New Year. It is an online career center designed specifically to match NATE-certified and Industry Competency Exam (ICE)-certified technicians with employers who seek excellence in HVACR service and installation.

“Technicians who have earned NATE certification tend to require fewer callbacks, generate more in-come for their employers, and thus demonstrate greater value to employers than noncertified technicians,” said NATE COO John Lanier. “We are pleased to launch the new NATE Career Center where employers can find the finest technicians in HVACR all in one place.”

See job posting examples below and don’t forget to post your resume.

Trade Ally Representative — The Trade Ally Representative provides builder, contractor and industry partner outreach and education as part of a large utility’s energy conservation program. They must be comfortable selling the program and providing technical support to builders, contractors and residential customers. Salary is commensurate with educational level, experience, and qualifications. This position is exempt from overtime compensation.

Residential Service Technician — The basic function of the service technician is to troubleshoot, diagnose, maintain and repair residential HVAC systems. The Service Technician is responsible for performing those operations as assigned to him/her by the Service Manager or Dispatcher. This position works in the field. They are exposed to driving hazards. Adherence to safety and driving safety policy is vital.

For more information, visit www.jobs.natex.org.

The New N-A-T-EThe changes to the NATE program can be described in four words — Necessary, Added-value, Timely, and Earned.

N is for Necessary — Earning and maintaining NATE certification demonstrates knowledge and skill in the workforce. Technicians who have earned NATE certification tend to require fewer callbacks, generate more income for their employers, and thus earn higher wages on average and demonstrate greater value to employers than non-certified technicians.

A is for Added-value — Throughout a technician’s career, training is vital. The HVACR industry changes constantly and requires technicians to constantly update their knowledge on the latest advancements in products and processes. Over the coming months, NATE will work to develop stronger ties with career and technical schools, distributors, and contractors to help direct technicians to appropriate continuing education when needed. We want to use our testing vehicles to provide feedback where appropriate, help identify gaps in knowledge or skills, and to close the gap between current knowledge level and mastery.

T is for Timely — Based on industry changes, job analyses, and input by the Technical Committee, we will soon be introducing a newly revised NATE Core examination, along with updated service and installation exams for the Air Conditioning, Air Distribution, Heat Pump, Gas Heating, and Oil Furnace specialties.


E is for Earned — Once NATE certification is earned, it is important to maintain it. That is why we have updated the certification maintenance process and costs to recognize the time commitment required to maintain this important industry credential.

Find out more.

NEWSmaker Honors for John Lanier 

The Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration News named NATE COO John Lanier as one of its 2013 NEWSmakers. Though he’s only been on the job for about six months, Lanier has set a vision for NATE that earned him NEWSmaker recognition. In the short term, Lanier has challenged NATE to increase the number of technicians recertifying with the organization by delivering a better value proposition to technicians and contractors. The organization has a long-term goal of a NATE patch being proudly worn on every technician’s shirt.Read more of the story and find out what Lanier’s peers had to say about his start with NATE.

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