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NATE Advantage May 2016

17 May 2016

The NATE Advantage – May 2016

The NATE Advantage

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May 2016:
NATE Administers New Exams, Showcases Digital Badging

In the May issue of the NATE advantage, learn about how NATE is administering two recently launched exams. Also, discover digital badging, find out where to pay recertification fees, read about the Spring Board of Trustees meeting, and visit NATE’s consumer site.

In This Issue…

  • Hundreds of New NATE Certifications Earned
  • Pay Recertification Fees at NATE Online Store
  • Discover NATE Digital Badging
  • NATE Holds Spring Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Three Categories of Listings on hvacradvice.com

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Hundreds of New NATE Certificates Earned
It has been estimated that 115,000 new HVACR workers will need to be trained by 2022 to fill jobs due to industry growth and retirements. In January, NATE launched two new exams, the Ready to Work certificate, and the HVAC Support Technician certificate, designed to help HVACR employers recruit, train, and develop the best technicians possible and to help technicians build strong careers.

Over 200 of the new exams were administered in just the first few weeks of testing. A survey of those who have taken the Ready to Work exam found over 70 percent say they would recommend the exam to a friend or colleague entering the HVACR field. Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning Training Director Kevin Traut praised the exam, saying “I think this is a good test of an individual’s HVAC equipment and tool vocabulary, providing them the basis for learning the trade.”

Visit http://www.natex.org/site/431/Contractors/Technician-Development to learn more.

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Pay Recertification Fees at NATE Online Store
Technicians seeking NATE recertification who already have a minimum of 16 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) reported to NATE can pay recertification fees online at https://store.natex.org/technician-recertification If needed, technicians can confirm CEH reported to NATE by logging in at www.mynate.org or calling 877-420-6283.


NATE Digital Badging
The newest thing in certification, digital badging, has come to NATE. In partnership with BadgeCert, NATE now provides each new and recertifying NATE technician with digital badges for each technician’s certification. Technicians can print certificates and wallet cards for free anytime and share the digital badges with employers, customers, manufacturers, utilities, and others, to prove current NATE certification. In addition, technicians can proudly publicize NATE certifications electronically with others via email and social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and on your company website. Click here to learn how to use the NATE digital badge today.

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NATE Holds Spring Board of Trustees Meeting
NATE held its Spring Board of Trustees meeting in April at its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia to discuss its continued plans to demonstrate the value of NATE certification in the HVACR industry.

“These meetings serve as an important opportunity for the NATE Board of Trustees and staff to come together to advance our purpose and vision, and establish goals and objectives for the future of NATE certification,” said Wade Mayfield, Chairman of the NATE Board of Trustees. “We want to ensure that the NATE certification process remains relevant and supports the technicians who work to earn it, and the contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and utilities who value NATE certification.”

The NATE Board of Trustees is comprised of representatives from various stakeholders in the HVACR industry. For a complete listing of the board, visit http://natex.org/site/390/About-Us/Board

Will Homeowners Find You This Summer?
NATE’s consumer site, www.hvacradvice.com gets over 5,000 visits a month from homeowners. To offer more options to consumers, NATE now has 3 categories of listings—for contractors with 25-49 percent of their technicians NATE-certified, those with 50-74 percent of their technicians’ certified, and those with 75-100 percent of their technicians’ certified. The site has also been enhanced to provide more information, including a contracting company’s description, special offers, the number of NATE-certified technicians, and a link to a company’s website. Visit the contractor locator at http://hvacradvice.com/site/324/About-NATE/Find-A-NATE-Certified-Technician for more information.
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