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17 Nov 2011
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NATE News: NATE Awards Golden Toolbox

Golden Toolbox Award WinnerNATE awarded Christopher Mohalley, owner of HVAC Dynamics, the sixth annual Golden Toolbox Award, and he couldn’t be more proud.

“My goal with HVAC Dynamics is to make good technicians great through knowledge-based training, and NATE certification is the ideal way to verify this knowledge and expertise,” he explained.

The award recognizes an industry professional who demonstrates outstanding service, support, and advocacy for technician certification.

“All of us at NATE are honored to present Chris with this year’s Golden Toolbox Award,” said Peter Schwartz, NATE president and CEO. “Through his exceptional training efforts, Chris has extended his commitment to continually enhancing his own skills and knowledge to HVACR professionals nationwide, exemplifying NATE’s mission of promoting industry excellence.”

Prior to opening HVAC Dynamics, which specializes in residential HVAC training, Mohalley spent nine years working in residential HVAC field and managerial positions, as well as another five years instructing for International Service Leadership Inc. Then, in 2005, he combined his extensive HVAC field experience, instruction proficiency, and product knowledge to develop a nationally recognized ECM training program for Genteq Motors that offers practical, one-day courses. These courses allow technicians to build the knowledge necessary to enhance professionalism and achieve industry certification.

In addition to owning and operating HVAC Dynamics, Mohalley serves as a NATE Technical Committee SME, a NATE proctor, and chief EPA examiner for the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). He is also a member of Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) and is NATE-certified in all HVAC disciplines.


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NATE Test Question
The exposed duct in a space is “sweating.” Psychrometric readings show the space at 70°F db and 60°F wb. At what duct surface temperature will the duct stop sweating?

A. 32°F
B. 34°F
C. 44°F
D. 55°F

Scroll to the bottom of this e-newsletter to see the answer.

Psychrometrics — Understanding Air and Water Vapor

(The following is an excerpt from “Psychrometrics: From Start To Finish – Part 1,” by Harlan “Skip” Krepcik, CMS, published in the March 2010 issue of the RSES Journal.)

Specific humidity is a measure of the actual mass of water dissolved into an air sample. It is measured in either pounds or grains of water that have been evaporated into 1 lb of air (7,000 grains equals 1 lb of water). Energy used to remove water mass from an air sample or to add water mass to an air sample is measured in units defined as latent heat. The quantity of heat (Btu) required to change moisture content of air varies with the temperature of the air sample. As the air temperature decreases, the heat quantity needed to evaporate water or to condense water vapor increases.

When air is cooled, its specific volume — and its ability to hold water in solution — decreases due to the increase in density of air as it cools. Consider an air sample at 75°F dry bulb temperature and 50 percent relative humidity. The density of this air equals 0.073126 lb/ft3 and its specific volume equals 13.675 ft3/lb (1/0.073126). Visualize this volume by picturing a ball of air 35.6 in. in diameter. At 50 percent relative humidity, 1 lb of the air sample holds 64.9 grains of water in solution. When saturated, 75°F air can hold 131.8 grains. When this air sample is cooled to 55.15°F, its density increases to 0.0759 lb/ft3, while its specific volume decreases to 13.167 ft3/lb. The “ball” of air in question now has a diameter of 35.15 in. This smaller and denser “container” cannot hold as much water mass in solution as the larger “container” at 75°F. At this lower temperature of 55.15°F, the existing 64.9 grains of water in each pound of air (specific humidity) results in relative humidity equal to 100 percent. The reverse occurs when air is heated — the density of air decreases and its specific volume increases. As the “container” or volume of air expands, it can hold more water in solution.

Consider the same air sample at 75°F dry bulb and 50 percent relative humidity. When heated to 100°F dry-bulb temperature, the sample can hold 302.5 grains of water in each pound of air at saturation (100 percent relative humidity). At this new higher temperature, the specific volume of the sample increases to 15.083 ft3/lb of air. The “ball” of air increases to a diameter equal to 36.79 in. The existing 64.9 grains of water would create only enough vapor pressure to result in relative humidity equal to 22.6 percent.

Want to read the whole article? RSES members receive in-depth articles such as this every month in the RSES Journal, and can access them online any time in the RSES Journal archives.

For more information on becoming an RSES member, click here.

NATE Unveils New Natex.org Website

NATE has redesigned its industry website, www.natex.org, to offer visitors an enhanced experience with easier access to information about certification, valuable tools and industry resources. The new user-friendly design helps visitors quickly find the information they need as the navigation and tools are clearly organized by audience, including technicians, contractors, testing organizations, training organizations, proctors, and other NATE partners.

“The design of our new website accurately reflects who NATE is today – the leading certification body for HVACR technicians,” said Peter Schwartz. “As part of our ongoing mission to make it as easy as possible to work with NATE, we restructured the navigation and enhanced the site’s functionality to ensure a simple, smooth user experience.”

Technicians can access detailed yet manageable information ranging from the basics of NATE certification to tips for preparing and the steps for recertifying. In addition, the site offers online locators for both training and testing organizations to help technicians quickly find nearby locations in their area. For contractors, the site provides valuable information such as the benefits of hiring NATE-certified technicians, access to marketing materials and the ability to validate a technician’s certification by verifying his or her NATE ID number.

Comprehensive information about facilitating tests, offering training and affiliating with NATE is also readily available for proctors, testing organizations, training organizations and partners. To further simplify the user experience, NATE implemented a search function that allows the user to quickly find what they need, as well as a resource library that serves as a repository for documents, forms, marketing materials and industry resources.

In order to keep all industry partners in the loop on the latest developments and updates from NATE, the site will be continuously updated with news, upcoming events and e-newsletters.

To check out the new NATE website, visit www.natex.org.

Top Techs Honored for Excellence

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized three technicians as “Top Techs.” This year’s Top Techs include Ken Fulk of Duncan Supply Co. Inc. in Indianapolis, Ind.; Eric Kaiser of Appel Heating & Air Conditioning in Carmel, Ind.; and Robert Mullis of Love Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis, Ind.

Ken FulkKen Fulk
Fulk, who has been working in the HVACR industry for 37 years, is a field service representative. Prior to joining the Duncan Supply team 18 years ago, he worked as a service technician for 12 years and then owned his own HVACR company for seven years. He holds NATE service and installation certifications in air conditioning, air distribution, gas furnace, heat pump, and light commercial refrigeration.

“My NATE certification verifies that I have proven my abilities to perform at the industry’s highest standards, which ultimately benefits both my company and my customers,” he said. “Taking the time to undergo NATE testing demonstrates my commitment to professionalism, and passing the exam confirms that I have the expertise to get the job done right.”

Eric KaiserEric Kaiser
Kaiser is a residential and light commercial service and installation technician with Appel Heating & Air Conditioning. He has been working as a technician for six years and has been a member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) since 2007. He holds NATE service and installation certifications in air conditioning and heat pump.

“I got my start in the HVAC industry with Heuman Heating & A/C Inc. in Sparta, Ill. After a short time in the industry, I quickly realized that this arena requires extensive knowledge beyond what I had been taught in the basic classes I had completed,” he noted. “I sought out additional opportunities for training through various channels and ultimately obtained NATE certification, which serves as a benchmark of my proficiency today. Since this is a constantly evolving industry, I continue to learn new things and improve my skills to stay ahead of the curve.”

Robert MullisRobert Mullis
Mullis, who has 18 years of industry experience, is a field supervisor service technician with Love Heating and Cooling. After graduating with honors from ITT Technical Institute, he started his career at AAA Heating and then went on to Air Con Engineering. He has been an integral member of the Love Heating and Cooling team since 1998. Mullis holds NATE service and installation certifications in air conditioning, air distribution, gas furnace, and heat pump.

“Maintaining NATE certification is an ongoing process that ensures that I have the ability to offer my customers superior service,” he said. “By continuously working to hone my skills and knowledge, I stay up to speed on all of the latest advancements in technology, and my NATE certification is proof of that.”

New Officers and Board Members Elected
North American Technician Excellence (NATE) elected a new slate of officers to the Executive Committee as well as five new members to the Board of Trustees for the 2011-2012 term at its biannual board of trustees meeting. The meeting was held on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 at NATE headquarters in Arlington, Va.

The NATE Board of Trustees named the following:
Chairman of the Board Don Frendberg, Chairman of HARDI
Vice-Chairman Mitchell Cropp, President of Cropp-Metcalfe
Vice-Chairman Chris Baker, President of Virginia Air Distributors
Treasurer David Swift, President and CEO of Goodman/Amana
Immediate Past Chairman Ray Isaac, President of Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
Parliamentarian Steve Yurek, President of AHRI

“Being named chairman of the NATE Board of Trustees is a tremendous honor and a great responsibility,” said Frendberg. “NATE is the true leader in certifying technician excellence for the HVACR industry, and I look forward to working with the exceptional NATE team and Board to further its achievements.”

New NATE Board of Trustees Members:
Whit Perry HVACR Technology Instructor at Northwest Mississippi Community College
Bill Hainsworth Vice President and General Manager of the Heating and Cooling Division for Rheem Manufacturing
Wade Mayfield President of Thermal Services
Wayne R. Reedy Representative for ASHRAE
John Conrad Publisher of The ACHR News

“I’m honored to congratulate the 2011-2012 slate of officers and welcome the new members of the NATE Board of Trustees,” said Peter Schwartz. “With this dedicated team of brilliant industry professionals, NATE is well-poised for continued success and I value the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.”

Training Opportunities:
Learning Management Systems
Want to know more about HVAC so you can further your career? The Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to learn all you need to — HVAC-wise — and still maintain a regular work schedule. The online collection of more than 400 HVAC technical, sales, and business courses are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Start with a Tech Needs Assessment to evaluate your own knowledge and plan your “curriculum” from there. Also, for the business owner, there are great online courses on relevant subjects, such as leadership, communication, and personal and career development. The LMS combines cost effectiveness with convenience and flexibility — it is a great way to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and further develop your potential. Learn more about pricing here: http://hvacls.com/onlinepricing.php

For more information go to www.hvacls.com or contact us at info@hvacls.com.

NATE Test Answer:

The exposed duct in a space is “sweating.” Psychrometric readings show the space at 70°F db and 60°F wb. At what duct surface temperature will the duct stop sweating?

D. 55°F



2012 AHR ExpoNATE supports the AHR EXPO.
It is the largest event that brings together all facets of HVACR industry under one roof for three exciting days.




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