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NATE Advantage November 2017

The NATE Advantage – November 2017

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The NATE Advantage

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November 2017: Check out the NATE C3 program, Updated Air Conditioning Service Exam
In the November issue of the NATE Advantage, we take a look at the beta testing of our Air Conditioning Service Exam, discuss key updates to the PASS user interface, and explain how to expand your reach for free with the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection (C3) program.

Beta Test of Air Conditioning Service Exam
NATE will be conducting a beta test of our recently updated Air Conditioning Service exam, as part of our continued focus on improving and maintaining the relevance of our exam offering. Any online Air Conditioning Service exams taken from October 9th will be the new version of the exam. A new passing score will need to be determined as part of the beta testing process. Results will be held for analysis until early December to ensure that the revised score reflects any increased or decreased difficulty of the updated exam.

Should a NATE-certified technician require the Air Conditioning Service exam to recertify, please have them contact NATE. NATE will extend the technician’s certification through the end of the beta test window, to ensure that their certification does not lapse while the exam scores are temporarily held.

Please contact customer service at 877-420-6283 or email askNATE@natex.org if you have additional questions about the process.


PASS User Interface Update
NATE’s online testing provider, Castle Worldwide, is making an update to their Performance Assessment System (PASS). The new update provides a cleaner, stable, and more user-friendly user interface by changing from JavaScript to the more modern HTML5.

The switch should be seamless from the proctor’s view; changes are mainly cosmetic. However, like the previous system, a user’s browser must be up-to-date to avoid testing problems. Browser configurations can be reviewed and previewed by using the “Updated” link here: https://www.castleworldwide.com/cww/take-a-sample-test.

Please contact customer service at 877-420-6283 or askNATE@natex.org with any questions about the update.


Expand Your Reach for Free with NATE’s Contractor Locator
Did you know that NATE allows contractors of all sizes to participate in the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection (C3) program?

When you become a member of the C3 program, you gain access to new customers and benefit from the association with the leading certification organization in HVACR. Whether you are a one-person shop or have NATE-certified technicians in multiple locations, you can register for a free listing on our contractor locator that receives 5,000 visits monthly.

List and advertise your business for free on the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection website today! To qualify, a contractor must have at least 25 percent of its eligible service and installation technicians NATE-certified. Find out more online at http://www.natex.org/site/395/Contractors/Consumer-Connection-C3

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