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Contractors – New C-3 Listing Requirements

01 Jan 2011

How To Become A NATE Consumer Contractor Connection (C-3) HVACR Contractor

One-man shops to multi-location businesses are eligible to become NATE C-3 contractors. You become a NATE contractor by employing NATE HVACR Certified Technicians. There are two levels of NATE C-3 Contractors. NATE C-3 Contractors employ at least 50 percent NATE-certified technicians and a NATE C-3 Quality Circle Contractor employs at least 80 percent NATE- certified technicians with at least one NATE-certified technician in each area of installation and/or service offered.

Getting started as a NATE contractor

The first step is to get your technicians certified. To be NATE-certified a technician will have to take the NATE exams. The NATE technician certification requires the technician to pass two exams. The first is a core exam in which the technician selects either the installation or service track. The second exam is in the technician's specialty. Again the technician selects either installation or service, however, it must be in the same track as the core exam selected. See NATE's Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs)

Once 50 percent of your technicians have passed the NATE exams and receive their NATE ID may be considered for a NATE C-3 Contractor status and be eligible to display the NATE Logo, see guidelines for NATE logo use.

You are also eligible to list your organization in NATE's Consumer Contractor Connection.

Additionally, NATE produces and makes available to you a variety of free contractor marketing materials (See NATE Marketing kit).

How to sign up

Click here to go to the C3 sign up page.

Enter your company information and a C3 number will be assigned to you. Note: Please write this number down, you will need it and the PIN you choose each time you need to update your records. Enter your PIN and the total number of employed technicians and hit submit.

Note: Before beginning the process please have your technicians NATE ID numbers as you will be asked to enter them. Also make sure your technicians have listed your company as their employer. If the information of technician employer and C-3 application does not match the company will not be approved.

Becoming a NATE Quality Circle Contractor

To become a NATE Quality Circle Contractor 80 percent of your technicians need to pass the NATE exams and receive their NATE ID then you enter or update your organization’s information and the technician’s NATE IDs in the NATE Contractor database. If in the 80 per cent of the NATE-certified technicians each area of installation and/or service you offer is represented, when the database is searched your organization will receive preferential placement on the results page.

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