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Testing Organization Overview

Most enterprises can sign up to be a NATE Testing Organization (TO)

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers/distributors
  • Educational/training facilities, colleges, technical schools, libraries
  • Utilities
  • Association partners and trade association chapters

Criteria for Becoming a NATE Testing Organization

Any organization applying to be a TO must agree in writing to follow the Policies and Procedures outlined for TOs and proctors.

GO to Testing organization and proctor policies and procedures.

Note: Contractors are not eligible to become a Testing Organization.

Important: To become a NATE Testing Organization you must have a minimum of one NATE approved proctor. A proctor can be any person who is a member of the Testing Organization, and he or she must be conscientious, well-organized and a good administrator. They do not have to be technical or hold NATE Certification.  They do, however need to apply and be registered with NATE and cannot be an HVACR trainer.

Click Here to View information for Proctors

A Testing Organization is required to have at least one proctor to become authorized.  However, it is advisable to have more than one.

About the NATE Exams

  • NATE offers a Core exam and multiple Specialty exams, for Installation or Service technicians. To earn certification, a technician most often will need to take and pass the Core AND one Specialty exam of their choice in the classification of their choice. Please refer to the opening pages of the KATEs for the exam of your choice to see requirements. Click here to view KATEs
  • Technicians who earn Heat Pump certification are also awarded certification in Air Conditioning. Technicians who earn Service certification are awarded certification in Installation as well. Credentials are only issued for the specialty test taken and passed. Technicians may order the other awarded credentials at a small charge at the NATE online store.

Note: Any organization that has more than one location may opt to be a centralized testing organization—with one central contact—or each office/branch may be an Individual Testing Organization.

Test Fees & Payments

  • NATE has established a wholesale base price for its exams.
  • As a TO you may charge whatever you like for the exams, either more or less than the wholesale base price. However, NATE has established the suggested price and it is listed on the opening page of the KATEs and the front page of the exam booklet.
  • TOs collect registrations using their own methods.
  • If your shipment needs to be processed in three days, an expedite fee will be applied to the shipping cost. You can view any additional charges on the test order calendar.
  • At the end of the test session, proctors and candidates seal and initial the exams and the proctor completes a Test Session Audit Form. TOs must send the sealed exams via a trackable method with completed transmittal form to VGI within 48 hours of the completion of the test session. Failure to ship as required will be cause for suspension or revocation of the privilege to be a NATE TO.