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It is good for business. Reducing the number of defective units returned can have a huge impact on a distributor’s bottom line. By some estimates, 30 percent of heating and cooling units returned as “defective” to distributors are actually manufactured correctly. However they were so were so poorly installed or serviced, they failed to perform as designed.

As an HVACR distributor, proper installation and service is extremely important to you. It means fewer warranty returns that waste time, cost you money and undermine consumer confidence in you and the manufacturers you represent.  Installation by NATE-certified technicians who have the proven knowledge to do the job right the first time makes your job a lot easier.

That is why more and more HVACR distributors are looking to technician training and NATE testing as a value-added service.  Not only does training and testing strengthen your ties to your customers, it also helps attract new ones.

HARDI (Heating, Air conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International) supports NATE and NATE testing, because NATE certification provides a way to improve the level of knowledge, training, and service in the HVACR industry.

How Can Distributors benefit from NATE certification?

Make your distribution business a magnet for training and NATE testing. Contractors and technicians look to you for the latest information about how to better serve their customers. By supporting NATE certification, providing training and offering the NATE tests, you demonstrate that you care about your customers and the service they provide. (See Testing Organizations, Training Organizations and Proctors)

Another costly expense of any HVACR distributor is your technical service and support staff. Contractors with NATE certified technicians require less service and support. This means your technical service and support staff can spend more time proactively training contractors and less time reactively fixing problems.