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On Class Day

On the day of your class be sure you have downloaded, from the NATE Web site, the appropriate attendance form. There are two different forms, one for single session class and one for multiple session classes

Technicians must print their name and write their NATE ID number legibly and sign the form. The instructor must fill in the top portion completely, sign the bottom of the form and send or upload the original to NATE.


The following are reasons for credit not being posted to a technicians account.

  • Not using the correct NATE Recognized Provider Attendance Record
  • Not a Recognized Course
  • Course has Expired
  • NATE Course name, number, credit hours and/or date are not on the Attendance Record
  • Form is not legible
  • Technician did not record their NATE ID Number
  • Attendance Form is not received within 60 days of the class
  • Technician did not sign the form

NATE recommends that all training organizations issue technicians a Certificate of Completion for the technician to maintain for their records of CEHs completed. Click here to see a sample of a Certificate of Completion.

To maintain NATE certification, technicians attend courses at training organizations. These courses help NATE-certified technicians earn the 60 hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) needed every five years for recertification.

Technicians attending courses for CEH credit are required to submit certificates of completion for any education class attended that is not a NATE recognized course. In addition NATE recommends technicians maintain copies of certificates of completion for NATE recognized classes in case there are any questions about courses attended at the time of recertification application.  NOTE: NATE does not track the non-recognized courses.  Copies of non-recognized course certificates must be submitted along with the recertification application if using CEH to recertify.

A Certificate of Completion must include the following:

  • Technician’s name
  • Course hours
  • Course hours and date
  • Contact information of the educational organization
  • Short description of the class

Click here to view sample certificates of completion.

Online/Webinar/Self-Study Classes

NATE has some special requirements a training organization needs to meet in order for these types of courses to be recognized. They are:

  • Establish the hours for credit. Individuals differ and will complete course content faster or slower than another individual. Therefore it is the responsibility of the Recognized Provider to establish the time frame for the technician to receive credit hours.
  •  Conduct an on line test for the technician at the end of the training that also collects the technicians NATE ID.
  • Submit the online passing test grade, technician name and technician NATE ID to NATE