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Industry Competency Exams (ICE)

Industry Competency Exams (ICE)

The Industry Competency Exams, formerly the ARI/GAMA Competency Exams, are administered by NATE. The exams measure industry-agreed standards of basic competency for entry-level (one year or less) technicians. More than 300 schools nationwide require student participation in at least one of the Industry Competency Exams to graduate.

If you are interested in taking the exam, please speak with your school’s instructors to see if they are able to offer the exams or are interested in becoming ICE Proctors.

If you have already taken the exam, please visiting www.natetesting.com/ice to log in and view your results.

Content Areas

Below are the content areas covered by each exam:

Residential: (includes Core and one or more specialties)


  1. Safety, Tools, Soft Skills
  2. Heat Transfer & Comfort
  3. Electrical

Specialty Sections (Air Conditioning, Air Distribution, Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Oil Furnaces)

  1. Installation
  2. Service
  3. Components
  4. Applied Knowledge

Light Commercial:

  1. Start-up Heating
  2. Start-up A/C
  3. Service Heating
  4. Refrigerant Recovery
  5. Installation

Commercial Refrigeration:

  1. System Design
  2. Installation Start-up
  3. Preventive Maintenance
  4. Service & Repair