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What Tests to Take/KATEs

Choose Your NATE Certification

You’ve decided you want to validate your skills. Now it’s time to choose how.

NATE simplifies the process with its Knowledge Areas Of Technician Expertise (KATEs). The KATEs divide the certification process into tests for installation, service and senior-level technicians. The tests recognize different levels of experience and knowledge, and because you decide which tests to take, you can tailor your NATE certification to your interests, and skill level.

NATE certification requires that you pass the CORE exam (if required) and one SPECIALTY exam. All KATEs serve as outlines for the NATE exams and should be used as study guides for your specific testing.

If you are taking the NATE exam(s) to recertify, be sure to have your NATE ID number or your MyNATE username and password with you on test day. If you don’t have that information, contact us at 877-420-NATE at least 48 hours prior to the test date.